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My free articles and tutorials about creating excellent school websites are based on 23 years experience and 4,000 school website webmasters. They can help you save time, stress and money. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards, Markus.

school website

School website - free and professional with Jimdo in minutes

This tutorial will show you how to create your own free school website in minutes by copying the professional Jimdo school website templates shown in the picture.

website building for free

Website building for free - how to create your free, easy website

The fastest and easiest way of website building for free is using a website builder like Jimdo. Thus you can set up a professional website within only minutes. You choose a free template and then by clicking, the builder creates the pages for you.

attract students

How to attract students with your school website

14 tips how to attract students with the website of your school, so that they will want to attend your school.

structuring content

Structuring Content Of Your School Website

School websites usually grow over many years. New content is constantly being added, which means that the overview gets lost. 14 tips how structuring content of your school website can be successful.

website builder

Website builder Jimdo makes web design easy

With a website builder you can easily create all the must have school website features your school website should have....

school website design companies

School Website Design Companies are great help - use it wisely

School website design companies are great help - use it wisely. Here are 23 years experience to get the best value for money for your school.

school website templates

School website templates free: how to choose them and 20 best free templates

How to choose the best templates for your school website, what the 20 best free school website templates are and where you can download them.

best school-websites

Best school websites: choosing the best CMS, not Template, is Crucial

Choosing the best school websites system (CMS), not template, is crucial. Before choosing your school website template you have to decide if you need a content management system (CMS) or if just plain HTML templates are good enough...


School Website Ideas 2022

School website ideas 2022 - and if you should realize these ideas or not.

school website features

School Website Features - a list of 18 Must haves and 12 Can haves

A list of 18 must have and 12 can have school website features - and why you do not need everything.

responsive images

Responsive Images - how to make your images look great and load fast on all devices

All websites use images to make them user-friendly and look awesome. However mobile devices and computers use many different screen resolutions. This tutorial shows how to make your images look great and load fast on all devices with responsive images.

art projects for kids

Art projects for kids on your school website

The publishing of art projects for kids on your school website is great for your students, parents and teachers. This article shows how student art can easily be published on your school website.