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Markus Dange

Hevener Stra├če 50

58455 Witten


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E-Mail Address: dange@school-website.com

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Responsible for content: Markus Dange (address as above)

School-website.com is based on 20 years www.Schulhomepage.de, the leading German website for more than 4,000 school website webmasters.

Hey, I am Markus,

great you are reading on school-website.com.

I am an English teacher in Germany and since 2000 I have been professionally focussing on creating school websites in Germany.

My website Schulhomepage.de was created in 2000 because then the internet was starting to be used a lot in Germany. So many German schools began creating a school website.

This is why I wrote my thesis about making a school website, published it on Schulhomepage.de and wrote more and more articles. The response was huge, since teachers and schools were desperate to get help and information on school websites. Nobody really knew how to be successful.

A few years later, Schulhomepage.de had grown into a big community of over 4,000 school website webmasters who communicated and discussed e.g. how to create excellent web design and how to work with pupils. In 2012 more than 600 schools competed in the school website AWARD to be awarded the title of "best school website".

Meanwhile, Schulhomepage.de is rather more a blog website in which old and new articles try to help people who still want to improve or create the website for their schools. The main reason for this is that every school in Germany has succeeded to have a school website and there is a lot of help worldwide.

However, perhaps some teachers and schools worldwide might still benefit from my 20 years experience and the 4,000 school website webmasters.

This is why I have started School-Website.com to give you some free help in English on how to build excellent school websites with students. It focusses e.g. on:

I hope I can help you!

Good luck with your school website and all the best,


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