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Art projects for kids on your school website is great for your students. This article shows how student art can easily be published on your school website.

art projects for kids

Permission needed before publishing the works of art or students online

Your students will be proud to see their work displayed in public, if they like what they have created and they you have given you their consent to publish it. In addition, you should also ask the parents if you can publish it online. Most parents will have given a general permission to publish photos of their kids or kids' project works on the school website. However, some parents do not give this permission, so you should check this before publishing any photos. It is a great idea to have the students on the photos, too, since it is the students themselves who are in focus. But all the more important it is to have the parents' permission to publish the photos.

Presentation of student work inside your school

In every school every day a lot of art projects are realized for kids: drawings, handicraft work, masks or creation of collages. These works of art can be displayed everywhere inside the school buildings. Helpful for this are special showcases, the walls on corridors or in classrooms or even more prominent is a place right at the school entrance or the assembly hall. For the showcases you can use nice lights, or beautiful cloth to show the exhibit especially exposed. The advantage of these exhibitions inside the school buildings is that visitors can see the works of art in reality and from different perspectives. The disadvantage however, is that the visitor has to go into the school. This is why you can reach many more visitors by starting a virtual art showcase on your school website.

How to create a photo gallery on your school website

First, you have to take high quality photos of your art projects. For this you need a good photo camera or a good smartphone. And you have to make sure that you take the photo from the best perspective and in the best light.

Second, you optimize your pictures with the help of a free picture editor like the excellent and free paint.net. With this software, you edit your photos and resize them to 1500 x 900 pixels in just a few minutes.

paint.net resize image

Third, to make your images small so that they can be loaded quickly from your school website, you save your images as .jpg and make them smaller with the free and very good website tinypng.com

tinypng.com smart compression

Also, you can create responsive images to make your images load fast on all kind of devices like laptops, tablet computers and mobiles.

Fourth, you find a good place on your school website where to best display your art gallery. A very good place could be the news blog or if you have an area for students, publish it there. For instance, you can create a new category called "art gallery". This category can be subdivided into years, e.g. "Year 5, Year, 6, Year 7" and so on. For each year, you publish photos of the art projects for kids. So after some time you have an online art gallery subdivided by years.

Fifth, to publish your photos you need a gallery feature on your school website. If you use a website builder like Jimdo, it is very easy: all you have to do is just use the free photo gallery element.

jimdo photo gallery

If you do not use a website builder like Jimdo you have to find out how your school website works. In case you use a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla you will find an easy to use photo gallery tool in your CMS, if your website just uses HTML and CSS files to have your website building for free you can use CSS and HTML to create a free image gallery easily.

CSS image gallery
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Conclusion: use your school website for your kids to present their works

All in all, to use the news blog of your website to present the works of your students is a very simple and rewarding idea. Students will be happy to see their work online. It will also show what great results your students have created and it will attract many parents, friends and relatives into school to see the art work displayed in reality.

Moreover, it is easy to create your art projects for kids on your school website either with a website builder, a CMS or with the help of HTML and CSS.

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