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14 tips how to make your school (website) most attractive for students, so that they will want to attend your school.

Students decide which school they attend

Pupils often decide at which school they are registered. Although parents look at the pedagogical and financial conditions, there are often several schools with which the parents would agree, so that the child can ultimately choose one of several schools. Pupils are therefore in many cases the key figures in the decision for or against your school.

A student-oriented website generates more school registrations

With the help of a student-oriented school website you can convince many pupils of your school and thus receive more registrations. On the one hand, students like to visit their potential new school before registering in real life. On the other hand, students today also very often get an impression on the internet. Therefore, the school website offers an excellent opportunity to make your school attractive for (new) students. The only question is: How do I succeed?

Start a student survey to find out what your students want

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a student who is looking for a secondary or new school. What could interest him? What could help him so that your school is most convincing for him? One way to get answers to these questions is very simple: ask your students what they like about your school website, what they miss or how you can improve your school website.

Free Download: With this free questionnaire you can start a student survey on paper.

The advantage of this classic paper method is that you can copy it for all students and distribute it in every course and collect it again by the course teacher. This ensures that most students give feedback. Alternatively, you can also start a survey on the website of your school. However, experience shows that an online survey has fewer participants. You would also need to find a way to find out if the participant is a student at your school or not.

14 tips how to attract students with your school website

Sports information

students playing basketball

Sport is one of the most important areas at any school, since almost all students love sport. Therefore, there should be a large area where sports offers are published. Likewise, there should be a lot of coverage of sports events in the news blog.

News blog

attract students with news blog

News blog articles are the most read web pages of any school website. They show your visitors that your school is "alive", what has happened at your school and what your school community of students, teachers and parents has achieved. So this category is an excellent way to present all the great things which people work hard for. In addition, your news blog offers students many great opportunities, when they learn how to write articles for this news category by writing about what they have done and by taking pictures.

Professional web design, low loading times and optimization for smartphones


Students want an awesome, professional web design for their best school websites, with web pages which load fast and are mobile ready. Students are used to these high quality websites which they use for social media.

Substitution plan

substitution-plan for students

Students are curious to know changes to their timetable. So they will be very grateful to have a substitution plan on your school website which will easily give them an easy and password protected information about changes to courses, lessons and special events. So they will quickly know if there are any important changes for the day.

Presentation of student work

The website of your school is a brilliant place for showcasing the work of students, e.g. by an art gallery or a photo gallery of events, students or student work. Thus the students will see their work shown in public which makes them proud.

Clubs and activities

What is more fun than doing things you do not have to do? For this reason students love all extra curricular offers for activities like e.g. sports, drama, music, sciences, technology, ICT, languages or psychology.

Photos of people


Photos of the people at your school make it a lot easier for students to feel comfortable and create a personal relationship. As long as it is permitted by law, in your staff list, there should be at least a group photo of the staff member, or even better a single photo for every person with the name. Also it is great to show photos of tutor groups or events. Just by seeing photos of the people at your schooln new students will start having confidence in your school, since they in a way "know" some people there and start getting into "contact" with them.

Student Representation

It is often more difficult for a new student to trust a member of stuff than to trust another student. This is why you should show on the website of your school who represents the students at your school. There should be information who these students are, where and when you can find them and a photo of them. Thus, new students will know who they can address to if there is a problem.

Building plan and teaching times

Simple, but very helpful is to provide a building plan online, since especially new students will have difficulties to find rooms and places. So if they get lost, they can use your plan to find places. Also photos of the building will help. Likewise the teaching times help to structure new students, since they will know when the lessons start or finish and when they have got free time.

Who does what?

Create a list of people and their jobs at your school. Since there are so many new places, people and activities at your school, a detailed list of "Who does what?" helps every new student at school to find solutions.


Food plays an important role in students' lives. For this reason, students are very grateful for information about a cafeteria and where, how and when they can get something to eat.

Degrees and success

Show what students can achieve at your school. This means that you provide a detailed list of all the degrees a student can reach at your school. In addition to that, you should present what students have reached at your school: success stories. It is very motivating for a possible future student to read what students of your school have reached in reality.

Individual contact

Make it easy for a student and his parents to get into contact with you. Show phone numbers, email contact and social media contact to make it as easy as possible for a student to get into individual contact. The website of your school can provide a lot of excellent information, but this is nothing compared to a human being from your school, who a student can talk to.


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With only a few tips you can make your school website a lot more attractive for students. All you need to do is to publish a news blog, sports information, have a professional and mobile friendly web design, give a substitiution plan, present student work, degrees and success, clubs and activities, a building plan and teaching times, show who represents the students and - above all - of course publish many photos of people, the building and activities. Even if you can only manage to publish some of these ideas, the website for your school will be much more liked by students. All in all, with these tips it becomes easy to attract students with your school website.

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