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The 6 best ideas for your school website 2021 - and if you should have them.

News blog - a must have


The most read articles by far are news articles which means reports on what has happened at your school. This is fairly easy to create: Just start a new category, e.g "news blog" and publish in it short articles with at least one picture with a small text. All your visitors want to see is what happens at your school. So this category is an excellent way to present all the great things which pupils and teachers work hard for. Moreover, students can easily write articles for this news category by writing about what they have done at their school and by taking pictures of the event.

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Likewise it is great to have a school website calendar of the closest coming events. With this, visitors are always well informed what important events will take place soon.


Builders like Jimdo or Wix

Website tools like Jimdo or Wix can make it very easy for you to create and manage your school website, because you do not have to manage the CMS Software or deal with web hosting. All this is done by a company in the background, so that you can entirely focus on your contents. The builder will also provide you with many free school website templates which you can choose to design your school website. These templates are completely mobile friendly and work on all mobile devices as good as on a personal computer. Thus website building for free becomes very easy for you. The bad thing is that there is always a limit to the creation of individual wishes - at least with regard to the included templates.

However, you can pay for a professional company who will create an individual template for you. Once this new school website template is set up, you can benefit from the entire system and only focus on your contents and ideas, since all the software updates and web hosting is done by the company in the background. Also the best school website builders are cheap: For about ten US Dollars or British Pounds a month you can run a professional school website.

So using a website builder for your school website is time saving, professional and popular.

Substitution plan


Students will be most grateful to have a substitution plan on your school website which will easily give teachers, parents and students easy and password protected information about changes to courses, lessons and special events. So they will easily be informed if there are any important changes for the day.
Even more helpful it is to find a way to send them a private message on their smartphone, so that they will not even need to log into your school website.

Important with this is to provide very quick information so that the message will reach teachers, parents and students before they leave their homes so that they can adapt their day to the changes. Experience has shown that this information is extremely popular among them.

However do not forget to keep all this data private, so it must not be published without password protection and it should also be only individual information for a single student or the class of this student.

Further ideas for your school website from wikipedia with some comments:

  • Displaying student projects, providing information on homework and current class assignments.
    This can either be done by the webmaster or by any teacher who has got access to "his" part of the school website by an individual password
  • Directing visitors to other resources on the web
    All you need for this is a linklist
  • Providing a forum for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to exchange information such as news and calendars of events
    This means a lot of work: setting up the forums and maintaining them is in most cases technically challenging. Moreover you always have to watch out if what is written is offensive or not. If so, you have to act very quickly. So I do not recommend using forums. Instead, just let them write emails. Since writing an email is more work for the senders, they will only write it, if their message is really important.
  • Introducing people who don't know much about the school (such as parent or students who are considering moving into the district, community members who don't have children, and teachers seeking employment) to its current events and general culture
    Very important feature of a school website, e.g. with a news blog, see above.
  • Showing that a school is excellent with regard to sciences and new media in comparison to competitive schools
    This can easily done by displaying what your school offers and what you have achieved.
  • Providing a platform for internal school learning activities
    This is also very demanding, since you will need specialized software.
  • Displaying school curriculum and courses
    Teachers can work out this information and then it can easily be published by the webmaster.
  • Providing staff and students with an entrance and front-end to documents and resources hosted locally
    All you need for this is a password protected area for teachers.
  • Creating and showing in public a 'corporate identity'.
    This is done by the school website itself, e.g. with its design and logo.

Mobile ready


By far, most visitors will visit your school website with a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet. This means you always have to check if your website works on many different devices. You can check this with professional help:

Not only your entire website templates should be responsive, but you should also use responsive images to make your images load fast and always look great on all kind of devices like laptops or mobile phones.

Web hosting demands


Hosting is regarded as a full service by most schools. So what they want is convenience. Part of is this is a qualified and easy-to-reach hotline, excellent and fast email support, security for their school website and the possibility to maintain their website with many pages, pictures and files comfortably and easily.

That is why most schools do not want to deal a lot with the technical side of their school website, so that they can rather more concentrate on the contents of their website. Here are some tips to find the 10 best web hosting services. So find a web host who will greatly support you.

Conclusion - school website ideas

There are no limits to what you can do with your school website. Everything is possible. However, you always have to think about what is reasonable.

So before starting a new feature, check it out for the following questions:

  1. Who and how many people will benefit from it?
  2. Is there an easier way to reach your aim?
  3. How much will it cost within five years?
  4. How much time does it take to create and maintain it?
  5. Who can create and maintain it?

Only if your idea has passed these questions you should add the new feature.

Create a Free Website with Jimdo
Create a Free Website with Jimdo
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