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How to choose the best templates for your school website, what the 20 best school website templates free are and where to download them.

1. Decide what features your school website should have

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Before you look for the best templates to use for your school website, you have to find out what features you need and want for your school website. So take some time to find out what the must have list of your school website features will include. To get clear about the required elements you can write down your own ideas, ask your colleagues, your students and their parents or take a look at the list of ideas for a school website. Thus you will find out what is absolutely necessery for your school site (must have features) and what are nice to have features (can haves).

The reason for this is that before knowing WHAT contents you want to have on your school website, it does not make sense to start looking for HOW you are going to create it - in this case what templates will let you create the school website of your dreams.

2. Decide what CMS/technology you need to realise your contents

There are a few thousand ways to create the webpages for your school. However you have to think in terms of 5 years or more. So the first creation of your website might be easy and fast, but maintaining it and making changes could become difficult, time consuming and expensive. This is why you should choose the technology very carefully. I strongly recommend you to take this second step seriously: Choose the best system (CMS) or technology like HTML/CSS for your school website. If you do not, it will take much more time and it will be a lot more difficult to create and maintain your school website not only in the beginning but especially in the years to come.

3. Start thinking about your budget

Most schools have only got some or no money at all for their school website. Often it is a student, a teacher or a parent who will design the school website. However in most cases all these people are not professional web designers but only people who do this as a hobby. Often the person who created it will leave your school. Or she/he does not have any more time or interest to continue working on your school webpages.

This is the very moment, when you have to start thinking about money. You might need some money to pay a professional company or web designer who will set up your school website templates either on a CMS like WordPress, a website builder like Jimdo or with HTML/CSS templates. If your school has got about 1,500 Euro, they can pay a professional company or web designer to set up e.g. a school website with the website builder Jimdo. The result will be professionally created templates for your school website. This means you have the front page and about 10 more individual web pages created, which you can then copy to create as many more web pages as you want. Also, you will most likely have high quality templates which you can use for many years.

If you want to save the money or do not have any money at all, you can create the web presence of your school by following the tutorials in the article "Website building for free - How to create your free, easy website".

4. Best choice: free professional Jimdo templates

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Best choice for you is to use the free and professional Jimdo templates as shown above. All you have to do is copy the templates in a few minutes and add your content. The article "School website - free and professional with Jimdo in minutes" shows you step-by-step how you can very easily create a professional school website with it. It's free and very easy. Have fun.

5. Examples: 20 best free templates

If you should despite all expectations not be happy with the Jimdo templates above, here are some ideas how to create your website as described in "Website building for free - How to create your free, easy website" with HTML: The following free HTML templates match a (school) website very well, since they can show "static information" (e.g. texts and pictures) in a well structured and appealing web design. Only if you have found that you badly want or need some kind of "interactive features" (e.g. an e-learning platform) , you have to find out for yourself if this features can be realised with the templates or if you need a company who will provide you with a specialized Content Management System (CMS). However if so, your project will become a lot more expensive.

Conclusion: school website templates free

The best solution to finde professional school website templates free is to use the above described Jimdo temlates and simply copy them for your school. If you should yet not be happy with this, there are many free professional website templates which you can use for a free school website either just as HTML templates of with a CMS like Wordpress.

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