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13 reasons why Jimdo is the best website builder. You can easily build all the features which your website should have.

All must have school website features easy to build

You can easily build all the must have website features which your website should have. It is e.g. easy to create a news blog, start a photo gallery or add new documents and text:

jimdo news blog editing

Comfortable editing of pictures, texts, galleries and downloads

The Jimdo website builder makes it very comfortable to add, edit and publish pictures, texts, galleries and downloads. All this is done by just clicking or drag and drop like on your PC.

Jimdo is very easy to use, it makes fun.

Everyone who knows how to use Microsoft Word can easily use Jimdo and edit a page. You do not have to be a computer expert to create a new page or edit it. You just make a few clicks to change a picture or create a new blog post:

school website builder editing

No worries about security and updates

Jimdo is a different "content management system". Unlike WordPress, Joomla or Typo3, you do not have to make small updates or even bigger version upgrades to the Jimdo website maker. This saves you a lot of stress and worries, since these updates are important not to get hacked and to keep up the functionality of the cms. Sometimes updating these cms is difficult. This is even more true, if you use addons or extension it with your CMS it gets even more complicated. With Jimdo, all the updates are done by the people in the background.

Webhosting included in Jimdo website builder

If you use HTML/CSS or any other CMS like WordPress, you will also need a web host where you can upload your files, images and contents to. This is sometimes tricky, since you have to use an FTP programme and know what files you put where, how to give them the correct rights and you often have to configure a database to make your cms work. With Jimdo you do not have to worry about web hosting and FTP, because you can simply choose a school website template for free by mouse clicking.

Best value for money

Jimdo gives you the best value for money: for only 15 Euro a month you get the complete website, including premium support and fast web hosting. Sometimes you have to pay the same amount of money for the web hosting only.

jimdo best value for money

Jimdo template filter helps you find the best free template

You can chose from many outstanding templates use the jimdo template filter to find the best suitable design template for your school website or create your own Jimdo Template with the the Zodiac Framework. For instance, you have a choice of logo or title, different ways and positions of navigation, if you want a narrow or wide content area or if you have a sidebar. If you are still not happy, you can try the Jimdo design kit and develop your own templates.

Tutorial: website building for free

The tutorial website building for free gives you a detailed step by step guide with screenshots how to start creating your free and easy website with Jimdo or HTML within a few minutes.

School website with Jimdo - professional and free by copying in minutes

school website

The tutorial "School website - free and professional with Jimdo in minutes" will show you how to create your own free school website in minutes by copying the professional Jimdo school website templates shown above.

You will receive a free copy of these professional school website templates, which you can use for a school website, but also for any other kind of website. It's very fun and very easy.

Jimdo experts create your school website template

You can choose from hundreds of free templates for your school website or you can have a Jimdo expert or any other school website design company create an awesome school website template for your school which will meet your wishes. The price for creating this template and setting it up with a Jimdo start page will be around 1,500 Euro.

free school website template jimdo

Many possible extensions

Jimdo has already got all the necessary features for your school website. If you should need or want more, you can choose from many possible extensions to add additional functionality to your website. If this still does not help, you can have a web designer program an extension for you. This means that there is hardly any limit to the possible features when using the Jimdoto create your school website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is already integrated

With Jimdo it is easy to have e.g. "speaking urls" that are easy to understand for your visitors. So for example instead of www.myschool.com/index.php?2367.html you have got an URL like www.myschool.com/news/our-trip-to-the-zoo. The website will be fast and responsive with regard to all internet devices you can imagine.

Excellent support

If there should yet be a problem you can write an email to the Jimdo support and you will get a quick, very friendly and very helpful answer within a working day. Or you can search online and find answers on their help pages.

Create a Free Website with Jimdo

Jimdo is better than Wix

Wix and Jimdo are currently the worldwide leading website makers and you can build great websites easily with them. However, if you create a website with Jimdo Creator (not Dolphin), Jimdo has two decisive advantages over Wix:

  • Web design. If you are not happy with the used free design templates, only Jimdo gives you 100 percent freedom to change your web design. The reason for this is that Jimdo lets you edit HTML and CSS, but Wix doesn't do so. For this reason with Jimdo, you can change the whole design of your website - 100 percent. With Wix, however, after you have decided to use a web design while setting up your Wix website, you can change the design in most details pixel by pixel, but not the whole layout. So there's always a limit to how far you can go in designing your layout with Wix.
  • Speed. Speed tests of websitetooltester have shown that the Jimdo webpages load on average more than twice quicker than a Wix one does, both on mobile devices and desktop computers. This is another convincing argument to use Jimdo instead of Wix.

Conclusion: Jimdo is the best website builder

The above 10 arguments are the most important reasons why I believe that Jimdo is the best CMS for your school website, both with regard to easy creating your website and value for money. And there are even more reasons for Jimdo.

To be fair, I also want to talk about one limit of Jimdo that could be relevant for a school: There is only one master password that gives access to the whole website. So you cannot give one person access to one or a few pages.

However, Jimdo is to me by far the best website builder and tool.

Create a Free Website with Jimdo
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