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An awesome school website design is important for your school website. Here are many articles on how to create the best design for your school website - with 20 years of experience.

school website

School website - free and professional with Jimdo in minutes

This tutorial will show you how you can create your own free school website in a few minutes by copying the professional Jimdo school website templates as shown in this picture.

website building for free

Website building for free - how to create your free, easy website

The fastest and easiest way of website building for free is to use a website builder like Jimdo. With this you can set up a professional website in only a few minutes. You can choose a free template and then click by click, the builder creates the pages for you.

website builder

Website builder Jimdo makes web design easy

With a website builder you can easily create all the "must have" and "can have" school website features for the website of your school.

responsive images

Responsive Images - how to make your images look great and load fast on all devices

All websites use images to make them user-friendly and look awesome. However mobile devices and computers have got many different screen resolutions. This tutorial shows how to great great  images that look great and load fast on all devices with responsive images.